element-pro-components is a component library for Vue 3 base on element-plus, vue, vue-router


For development, most of the forms and table can be reused, and it is more convenient to use by encapsulating the non-business logic parts into components. At the same time, components can be bound with routing, reducing value passing. And to realize some components that are not used in the admin template on element-plus, etc.

Although the encapsulation of element-plus is already very good, it is essential to use el-table or el-form to write a lot of el-table-column or el-form-item Code. We convert it into column attribute, and dynamically generate these data by passing in an array. If you data with reactive, when you change the column, the table or form will change accordingly. According to this feature, you can implement permissions and other functions in the way you want

Why not


For rapid development, the template may be more convenient, but the template may not be very suitable for you. You may not be used to the prettier or eslint of the template; You may not be able to use the partial dependencies of the template; You may care about the build project is 1M+ size before the page is written…

The advantage of componentization is that you can build your own development environment. If you want to use vite to build, you can use it, if you don’t want to use eslint, you don’t need it…

Base on vue2 element-ui

The development concept of the component library is to face the future, if you look at the source code, you will find that it is like script setup of vue3 or like CSS Variables of CSSNext. Under the circumstance of ensuring the compatibility of most browsers, more new features and functions will be used for development


The component library is still in the early development stage, and need to be improved. If you want to contribute, welcome to Pull Request. If it’s just a simple document error correction, you can directly PR, but if it’s a bug or a new demand or a new component, it is best to create the issues first.

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Browser support

Same with element-plus

Edge ≥ 79Firefox ≥ 78Chrome ≥ 64Safari ≥ 12