# Introduction

a vuepress plugin to better supporting image lazy loading

The plugin will preferentially use native image lazy-loading (opens new window), if the browser does not support it, it will be implemented through IntersectionObserver (opens new window)

base on markdown-it-img-lazy (opens new window) and markdown-it-imsize (opens new window)

# Installation

yarn add vuepress-plugin-img-lazy
# or
npm i vuepress-plugin-img-lazy

# Usage

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
<!-- or -->
![img](/img.jpg =500x300) <!-- better -->

# Use in theme ^1.0.1

  • registered as global components
// enhanceAppFile.js
import ImgLazy from 'vuepress-plugin-img-lazy/ImgLazy'

export default ({ Vue }) => {
  Vue.component(ImgLazy.name, ImgLazy)
  • or registered as components
import ImgLazy from 'vuepress-plugin-img-lazy/ImgLazy'

export default {
  components: { ImgLazy }
  • use
  <img-lazy src="/img.jpg" />

If you registered as global components, you can use it directly in the markdown file

<img-lazy src="/img.jpg" />

# Options

# useNative

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true
  • Required: false

Use the native image lazy-loading for the web

# selector

  • Type: string
  • Default: lazy
  • Required: false

Default class name for image

# rootMargin

  • Type: String
  • Default: 200px
  • Required: false

rootMargin for IntersectionObserver

# prefix

  • Type: string Function
  • Default: src => src && src.charAt(0) === '/' && !src.startsWith(ctx.base) ? ctx.base + src.slice(1) : src
  • Required: false

Config prefix for src in images

# Other

  1. Base URL (opens new window) already included by default, But it does not include the <img/> label in the markdown file ^1.0.2

If you need to use both Base URL and <img/> labels, refer to

<img :data-src="$withBase('/img.png')" loading="lazy" class="lazy">
  1. In order to better supporting image lazy loading, it is better to specify the size of the image (in some themes, you need to set display as inline block or block separately), so as to ensure that the image can occupy the position it should occupy